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"Following Jesus" is a six-week evangelism and discipleship course for children ages 6-12. The materials include teacher/mentor guidelines, reproducible activity pages, a parent letter, an award page, and age appropriate adaptations. 

Week One and Two focus on preparing and leading children to Christ. Week Three's focus is on assurance. Week Four: prayer. Week Five: reading and memorizing God's book, the Bible. Week Six: discovering the Holy Spirit as Helper and Guide.

The "Following Jesus" Teacher/Mentor Guide...

Download the Teacher/Mentor Guide Manual...

The Complete Teacher/Mentor Guide
(3.22MB printable PDF file)

Or Download the Individual Lesson Handouts...

Glossary Handouts (16KB)
"Overview" (201KB)
Week Two: Activity page (9KB)
Week Three: "Jesus and Me Every Day" (186KB)
Week Four: "Talking to God" (107KB)
Week Five: "Growing" (1MB)
Week Six: "The Holy Spirit and Me" (163KB)

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